The Flavor of a Millenary Land

el sabor de una tierra

Where apples were grown, today the vineyards flourish. Valleys slightly touched by the rain and sun allows us to elaborate a subtle, diverse white wine which is defined by its unique essence, inviting us to evoque, to explore, to dream.

The Alkiza Valley, which belongs to the Tolosaldean shire is highly recognized by its gastronomical value. It is here, on this millenary lands, over the Garaikoetxea CaserĂ­o, where the strains of Hondarribi Zuri (80%) and Petit Corvou (20%) are harvested.

The international recognition that this wine has achieved (Txakoli) is mostly due to the chefs whose hands and high spirits have elevated Basque Country gastronomy. Today its quality is appreciated and recognized worldwide.

Txakoli es a live beverage, and with its body and elegance, becomes ideal to accompany fish, seafood and white meats.