We work with the essence of tradition and with the presence of innovation.

Inazio Urruzola white txakoli

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Inazio Urruzola pink txakoli

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Hernio special txakoli

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Juanita sparkling (coming soon)

Our txakoli

Only after a few crops, this wine that has conquered the best restaurants in the Basque country and some popular ones around the world. The wine begins with softness and delicacy, leaving a deep trace in the memory.

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“We work with an essence of the ancient presence of innovation.Hondarribi zuri grape is our reason for being.We are also use grapes like Chardonnay, Petit Courbu and Black Hondarribi, making a complex wine, getting a product that brims with elegance.”

Characteristics of txakoli from Getaria

Out in the square, Xabier Urruzola Arana, 35, and his wife,

Garazi Del Rey Salsamendi, 34, were talking about wine.

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