The vineyard i s our home

We live among grapes. We take a close care of our vineyards , located in the 14th century Garaikoetxea estate. Producing wine is our hobby but also our way of life. We have recovered the essence of the estate, in harmony between nature and humanity: We live from what the land provides us.

Wine craftsmen

Each grain, each vine, each cluster and barrel are unique for us. We listen to nature and we treat every harvest according to its peculiarities. Every season, we make a unique txakoli keeping the personality of the original I.Urruzola.

Defenders of what is ours

We are a modern winery with centuries of tradition. Garaikoetxea winepress was built in the 16th century, and we maintain the same structure. Even if the tradition directed us towards the apple, intuition and the heart, pushed us towards the grape. We have kept the knowledge of several generations and taken care of it, to create a new product. This is our essence.

I.Urruzola Txakoli around the world

TOPA! 乾杯 (Japoniera / Txinera)! PROST (alemaniera)! CHEERS (ingelesa)!

By making Inazio Urruzola txakoli, we celebrate life itself. With joy and pride we toast with the whole world. We raise a cup and have a drink on behalf of our Friends in Japan, Germany and the USA.

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Get our wine

To purchase Inazio Urruzola txakoli, please contact us. Trough the following form.